I never worked very hard for anything
never knew the true meaning of oh-oh-oh suffering
I was just a wide-eyed boy from the plains of the Great Midwest
and I'd yet to make my mark on life's biggest test
the years have passed and the grades are in
hopin' for the best
but I ain't too proud to profess that I'm a huge success
at bein' a mess
failing my course in responsibility
I'm gettin a D in being 33
the only class I aced escaping reality

I never worked out could never do a pullup
I never hurried up to be a grown up
I was just a boy-brained man in the body of a 50 year old
and I'd yet to make a hit or land my own tv show
I just thought I'd outgrown this slovenly process but you know what they say about the press (nothin' bad bout that)
I'm a huge success at bein' a mess
If I were you I wouldn't even say hello
If I ask you to supper please say thanks but no
cuz supper tonight, uh oh Spaghetti-O's

whatever happened to that other guy I used to be
so many years ago
he was reliable, responsible and willing and able
he's gone, he's gone, yes, he's gone

I never believed in a place where we go
when we go, oh-oh-oh six feet below
I was just a bitter old man on the edge of post-mortem
and my withered hands had failed to grasp carpe diem
I just hope my life story won't fail to impress
cuz I was the best of the best I am a huge success
at bein' a mess
only need one word for my biography
precede that by 3 words and you will see
the truest picture of me


the veil is torn in two
apparitions stroll these streets
that end at the base of silos

tall grass flows in rivers
toward seas inviting us

lost, lose, lost again
lie with me in this gentle way
lie with me in Farlintown
and let the world slip away

this ghost breath wind
beats our window and this veil is torn in two
we're sixty minutes from anywhere
that we need to be

so lie with me in Farlintown
and let the wind blow through our tree


I've landed on this world
fallen down through these clouds
I've returned
to my home
I've become something new

I said my silent prayers
in the space above
these shining seas
before I jumped
my mind was floating
in the air far below me

as I took my place
on the highest step
I felt a sense of solitude
twenty miles up

then I jumped

I saw the gondola above me
shoot into the black
and I fell like a feather
thought I'd gone too high
until I hit the clouds
and then I fell fell fell down
yes I fell fell fell down
until my chute opened and I
I saw these dunes below me
coming closer now
until I hit the ground

I've returned to my home
I've become something old
I almost reached
the speed of sound
but now this world has changed

DISAPPEARING MAN (instrumental)


the first year I gathered stones
and built a Christmas pile
I placed my gifts underneath
and forced a hopeful smile
for once I had succeeded
in reviving olden ways
my aspirations turned to dust,
alone on Christmas Day

I gathered my gifts inside
and held them one by one
a burnt book, some canned food
and a rusty, broken gun
I laid them on my bed
in my dark, cold bunker here
and thought how much has changed
this holiday once filled with cheer

these fragments are all that remain
I sing them now to keep from going insane
a very merry Christmas to you,
if you have survived

I remember singing carols
to neighbors on the street
now they lie in shallow graves
their hearts no longer beat
I decorate these four walls
with images of St. Nick
I even found an old burnt tree
buried under brick

now it’s snowing again
these dark days never end
I used to send out Christmas cards
to family and my friends
but old ways die hard
and all of them have, too
I remember an old man named Elvis
singin’ the Christmas blues

these fragments are all that remain
I sing them now to keep from going insane
a very merry Christmas to you,
if you have survived

peace on earth, goodwill towards men
is what they used to say
but I celebrate alone on this doomsday

I try to block all these bad, bad thoughts
with all my favorite things I sought
a piece of ribbon, a shard of glass
I hear someone whisper
the voice of Christmas past

there was an old story
of one night long ago
not a creature was stirring
much like now, you know?
no one’s come for years
on this I cannot dwell
I’ll just keep singin’ these hopeful songs
that I knew oh so well

“o come, o come Emmanuel”


I got days like this
I never leave the house
but when I do I call on you
cause I got nothing better to do
or maybe I'll call up Mike
or maybe I'll ride my bike
damn, my tire's flat
I guess I'll feed the cat

I've got things to do
a whole list of them, too
how does time slip away
a second ago, it was yesterday

I got big plans (yeah, but uh)
I just don't know where to start
I need a map, or maybe even a flowchart
I need somebody
to tell me what I'm doin' wrong
it seems I love to dilly dally all day long
for example:
I just watched Godzilla versus King Kong.
for the third time, today.

but when I go to bed
I hear that existential dread
cause tomorrow's gonna be just the
same old song and dance
or maybe tomorrow I will get the courage
to throw off these sweatpants

I got things to do, but nothing I want to
I'm not lazy, don't got ADD
there really isn't any good excuse for me
a second ago, it was yesterday


every time I come back home
I see that things are changing
from my family to old school friends
I haven't seen since graduation

please excuse the old cliche
seems like only yesterday I was there
riding my bike around the square

I may come back only once a year
but I feel I never left
it's where my childhood is kept
I've got some things in a box upstairs
but it's all over town
all I've got to do is look around

but Lincolnway feels a mile too short
where the school was stands a food court
and all my old friends have long since moved away
This town is changing but let my memories stay

graffiti bridge has got a new coat of names
kids I never knew
but scratch away ten years or more
and you might find my name, too

oh, how years accumulate
just like coats of old spray paint they're still there
memories layer after layer

I may not feel that sticky sweat from the old summer sun
but I remember we had fun
I may not drive just for something to do
on a Sunday afternoon
just going to Ames or to Boone

but Lincolnway feels a mile too short
where the school was stands a food court
and all my old friends have long since moved away
This town is changing but let my memories stay

there will come a day when my childhood home
is someone elses
will I stop or drive on by
I can almost hear their voices

and oh is that what I will say?
or maybe seems like yesterday I was there
dad was joking bout his lack of hair

I can't see the stars at night as clearly as I did
when I was just a kid
I may never hear silences any sweeter than those
and deeper than I'll ever know

this town is changing but let my memories stay


traces of air
we follow in
to night
cold descends
on our path

by the light
of the moon
shines down
upon our heads
and darkness
leads us on
in to black

we see nothing
a bright orb in the distance
grows faints and dies
we know the reasons
we just don't why

lights are reborn
we follow the traces
through and through
by the light
of the moon


I was born
when Voyager passed Saturn
on its eternal quest
to search a celestial guest
and to share
that we've learned
nothing new

I was born
when the signals came back,
you're special in every way 'cept one
you're one in a billion
from the print on your thumb
to that weird, little mole on your bum

and with a flaming burst
the terrified "i" of God appeared
comets roused from their slumber
the sound of trumpets blaring unholy melodies
I was born from a flower

I was born
when space junk rained down upon my home
brighter than the brightest chrome
they said it was a weather drone
but I never believed
or knew
what to think

I was born
on a cruise ship in M31
amidst all this cosmic slop
one giant leaping hop for us
on this inescapable
cosmic bus