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  • New Collection of Recordings - "Singles"

    Today I released a collection of singles that had been released separately throughout the years 2011-2017.


    If you've been following me at all in the past 6 years then you've probably heard a lot of this stuff before.

    BUT, if not...well, then, steel yourself for my pitch:

    It's got songs about aliens, multiverses, post-apocalyptic christmases past, autobiographical prophecies, world record holders of parachuting feats, the Voyager satellite's journey into interstellar space, boredom, hometown memories AND this album has even invented a new genre: intergalactic space funkTM! THIS and MORE!!! maybe.

    Act now! Supplies are unlimited and going fast. I'm not even going to make you move your eyes up to that first link, so...GET IT.