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    Sister Corita Kent's 10 rules (coopted by Merce Cunningham for his dance studio) were, and continue to be, a huge influence on me. I'm posting them here not only to revisit these ideas for myself but to, hopefully, introduce them to others.

  • Thoughts On a New Album

    Upon returning home from my trip to Iowa and listening to the album on which I've been working for nearly 5 years, I found that I actually kind of enjoyed it.


    Must mean that, like many nerve-addled parents, I'm ready to kick its teenage ass out of my house...and, preferably, into your ears.

    That doesn't sound right.

    I apologize.

    But, I still need to get this thing all spiffed up before it winds its gnarled, circuitous path into your grubby appendages. All three of you, that is.

    All I'm trying to say in this moment is that I'm proud of what I've done and I'm excited to share it with you all real soon.

    PS probably just put it on bandcamp

  • Singles

    A collection of singles released from 2011-2017. Out today:



  • Upcoming Shows

    Upcoming Shows

    If you happen to be in Jefferson, Iowa for the solar eclipse today come on down to the square for a short concert of weird sounds to accompany the weird sights (granted the clouds part to give us all a glimpse of the event)! I'll be playing the Mahanay Bell Tower a 47 bell, 168 foot tall carillon originally built in 1966. Then, on Friday of this week, I'll be playing a full show at Prairie Blue. Doors at 7:30, show at 8. No cover - all ages. Come out and support local live music!