• Moments in the Making of HELLO video series

    To atone for my sins of undersharing about the journey of making HELLO on social media I've started a new video series where I and a few of my fellow album-mates reenact key moments in the making of the album. This week's episode starring Eli Wise tells the story behind the song Insecure. Eli plays guitar on I've Been There, Too.

  • Hello available now!

    Eight years ago I said Goodbye.

    Today it's Hello.

    We say goodbye often during the course of our lives to people, places, situations. When I went through a difficult period eight years ago I said goodbye to many things. But while goodbye marks an ending it often creates a beginning, too.

    Releasing this album today marks the culmination of beginning again. Five years of writing, arranging, recording, mixing - of working through that difficult time, learning to say hello.  

    So, hello.

    The album is now available as a 24-bit download on bandcamp. In a few days it will be available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and a host of other sites. A limited run of 50 CDs (with free download) are available but currently only at live shows (in the works). 

    I am deeply grateful to everyone involved with this album - from the exceptional musicians and engineers who helped create it to those who offered encouragement through the years. I am especially thankful for all of you, the listeners, for your continued support.

    The album is designed to look like a box of survival supplies for a bunker but its novelty belies its fundamental (and admittedly cheesy) truth - I needed this music to survive. It's my hope that Hello serves as a source of hope, encouragement, understanding, and joy for you.

    Sincerely, Art

  • say HELLO

    on OCTOBER 10, 2018


    exclusive bandcamp release

    soon: Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, etc......


    My new album, HELLO, is finished! but not available quite yet - stay tuned for a mid-September release date. Not only will it be available for streaming and download but I've also made 50 limited edition CDs (w/free download code). Excited to be able to share 5 years of hard work with the world very soon!