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  • Hello available now!

    Eight years ago I said Goodbye.

    Today it's Hello.

    We say goodbye often during the course of our lives to people, places, situations. When I went through a difficult period eight years ago I said goodbye to many things. But while goodbye marks an ending it often creates a beginning, too.

    Releasing this album today marks the culmination of beginning again. Five years of writing, arranging, recording, mixing - of working through that difficult time, learning to say hello.  

    So, hello.

    The album is now available as a 24-bit download on bandcamp. In a few days it will be available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and a host of other sites. A limited run of 50 CDs (with free download) are available but currently only at live shows (in the works). 

    I am deeply grateful to everyone involved with this album - from the exceptional musicians and engineers who helped create it to those who offered encouragement through the years. I am especially thankful for all of you, the listeners, for your continued support.

    The album is designed to look like a box of survival supplies for a bunker but its novelty belies its fundamental (and admittedly cheesy) truth - I needed this music to survive. It's my hope that Hello serves as a source of hope, encouragement, understanding, and joy for you.

    Sincerely, Art