I just called to tell you
all the things that I did today
that I threw away your ring to say
I no longer need you

sometimes I think I’m all alone
then you’re there standing by my side
when I turn around you’re nowhere to be found
but in my memories

somewhere on a distant planet
where we feel the cold polar winds
and as we zoom on down our man on the ground
he’s no longer needed


I walk and walk until I can’t walk anymore
I take a seat where I sat the day before
and I think about the world going by
and I sit and watch the planes carve the sky

I smoke these hours away and I just can’t find the time
To call you up to say that I’m not doing fine
and so I keep it to myself
you know I think I’m gonna need somebody’s help

all I need is a
hello, hello
from time to time
from someone

so I go on home and I try to concentrate
this peace and quiet is too easy to cultivate
and I’m buried under it now
and I’ve got to get out somehow

so my restless feet carry me out of the door
and down the path that I have travelled times before
and these strangers are passing me by
and they hang their heads low and never say hi


oh no, I think I’ve gone and done something wrong
cuz this world is making me feel like I don’t belong
I don’t want you to think that I’m depressed
I know I send mixed signals sometimes
here I go again

I wander aimlessly and these scenes are getting old
it seems as if my life has been put on hold
and there has to be a change
these patterns have to rearrange

and so I take the phone and I dial up your name
I swallow pride and I empty all my shame
and when you pick up and say hey
I’ll smile and then I will say



I sent a text to you the other day
and waited hours just to hear what you would say
but there came no reply
you got me wondering why
would it take too much to type “hey there, hi”

maybe your phone has been turned off
maybe the ringer’s set too soft
you know I don’t mean to moan
you left me all alone
instead of you I’m holding my phone

and then I thought that maybe I should call
and just get to the bottom of it all
but I don’t want you to think
that I’’m some kind of creep
who calls in the middle of the night when you’re asleep

was it something said or done, or I didn’t do?
was it when I asked you over, give me a clue
an emoticon, a dear John
just to let me know that you’re there
a single letter, would make me feel much better
you probably know by now that I’m insecure

I really thought that you were into me
you laughed at all my stupid jokes over tea
and so I glanced at my phone again
stupid fool! I forget to hit SEND….

would you like to go out next weekend


nothing to do nothing to say should I just go away
you’re telling me this but your showing me that
I can see where your heart is at
I don’t wanna feel this way anymore
don’t get up I will show myself the door

I called you up just the other day when I got back from LA
you wanted to wait but I wanted to talk
and so I’m dragging down your walk
the tears were flowing but they were not meant for me
I was your crutch through the troubled times I see

I know you said you didn’t lie
that you meant what you told me
but how can i believe you
you tore my heart in two
when you told me that we were through
please up don’t get up I don’t want to bother you anymore

I wanted your love you just wanted my time to make up your mind
and so I took the bait and you strung me along
what you did was so damn wrong
I’m subtracting all these things I could have done
I’m left with the fact that you just weren’t the one

I see that you’re happy I see that you’re well you put me through hell
I’ll move on but I won’t be the same there’s only you I have to blame
a million pieces of my heart left on your floor
don’t get up I will show myself the door


I spent my whole damn life saying “thank you and please”
until I saw that we’re dying by the same disease
then I got down on my knees and said that I need you
I said that I need you even if it ain’t true

I remember the lines being drawn at night
but there’s no one to blame cuz I found the light
let’s pretend I’ve nothing left to hide
and say that you need me,
say that you need me even if it ain’t true

they say that no man’s an island
but the water’s been rising
(and my feet are getting wet)

I slip around that sunken supermoon
should I go confess my sins or maybe it’s too soon
what a way to start a honeymoon
say that you would leave me
you say that you would leave me even if it ain’t true

did I fall or maybe it was just the sky
you can try to laugh away the pain but you’ll cry
when I said I never lied I said I didn’t love you
I said I didn’t love you even if it ain’t true


I’ve been on this road so long
and my search has carried on
how will I know
what is her name

though I’d thought I'd seen her face
in the ones I can’t erase
I’ve been wrong before
what is her name

it’s too easy to fall
for the ones that were wrong
until they call to say
they didn’t love you all along
what is her name

yet for now I walk alone
with one true fact left unknown
I know she’s out there
what is her name

is she far or is she near
will it take two days or fifty years
I need her now
what is her name


it’s gonna be alright
lay back and I will hold you tight, tonight
the moon is out and all aglow
speak quietly and speak slow to me
and I know you’re feeling sad and kinda blue
cuz I’ve been there, too

you wake up early day after day
just to earn a dollar to pay the rent
and all I hear about your work
Randy’s just being a jerkoff
I know you hate each hour spent at your desk
cuz I’ve been there, too

you and I are just two sides of the same old coin
I might not have felt exactly how you’re feeling now
but I know that it hurts
cuz I’ve been there, too.

you’re worried that you don’t look right
you’re freaking out about your non existent cellulite ;)
these shoes don’t go with that
should I wear a coat, scarf or hat or maybe a paper bag
I know you think that they will judge who you are
cuz I’ve been there, too

now my fears are weighing me down
think that I’m coming down with death
the mourning dove is singing my song
she thinks there’s something terminally wrong with me
and you know that my anxiety
is getting hold of the best of me
I know you understand what I’m going through
cuz you’ve been there, too.