the birds are falling from the sky again
darkened air is rising high again
men will stake their claims
they’ll kill and call us names
I’ll never fall asleep again

they’re finding fish upon the shore again
and waves are crashing down around again
this world has gone insane
the garden’s gone up in flames
I’ll never see your face again

it seems as though this world conspires against us
I pass you by but no one cares to lift and eye

I’m wading through your trash filled yard again
I’m seeking all your secret thoughts again
maybe this world is doomed
maybe it’s been assumed
that we’ll just go away


I write to you as the lights go down
there’s nothing left to do but sit and wait
I hear those sirens call
the sound of the motor birds
sing their songs of death
the light is replaced by reds and blues
shine in my eyes like a prism
moon stares down at me
and my walls are stripped away
and I’m crouched under stone
I write to you, this postcard
from the edge of my darkness
on the eve of destruction
the wind grabs me and throws me down
the colors whir about my head
I hope this is just a dream
but I can’t wake up
am I lost?
as the lights dim low my mind goes to you, safe at home
there’s nothing more that I’d like to know
I hear those voices call
from deep inside of the earth
explosions no one should hear
and this is my last will and testament
to how foolish we were
nobody knows what goes on here
our love’s a secret
our love’s a secret



many years since she has gone
an empty chair, these walls are bare
the shadows stayed behind to tell
the stories of forgotten love
I thought about her today x2
I sit in this darkened room
the re-runs on, my mind is gone
another drink and I’ll be fine
these endless days of old, worn ways
I went outside today x2
At 3am I go to bed
I toss and turn nothing new to learn
and in the morning I’m still awake
alarm fills my ears with a certain fear
I pack my bags again x2
as I leave I lock the door
but I can’t shut out these thoughts
of her and I, together
why’d she leave forever
I’ll never know
everything I used to love
has left me here on this lonesome frontier
I thought about her today
there was so much more left to say


I’m no more than a man can be
but I think God’s forgotten about me
this bed of thorns yields my fall
just when I thought he would call
these butterflies surround the dead
their wings are black and their bellies red
I had a box that was made of rust
filled with nails and filled with dust
I’m in the garden of good and bad
the difference was just a passing fad
I hear the branches of this old, dead tree
whisper it’s dark thoughts to me
the dove sings but she makes no sound
the morning comes and I’ve lost what I found
my heart is filled with a dark, sharp pain
the picture was painted with death in the frame
I saw your homes that were made of wood
and I saw the fire and I called it good
from these pages you think you understand
while the flames by my breath were being fanned
I’m filled with heresy and I’m filled with shame
inherit the wind while you curse my name
and maybe one day I will come again
forever and ever, amen
forever and ever, amen


when I was younger than I am now
I thought it would be easier, but it’s not
and now these days are simply wasting away
the stars chase moon around this playground sky
while I move silently
like waves these days flood lower ground
and life sets sail on a paper boat
tossed and turned
turned out for the world to see and here I go
well I’m drifting on this ancient sea
I’m just existing
I see the sharks are circling me now
everytime I see how far life’s moved ahead
I reach for my oars but find I’m grabbing air instead
so I sing these sad, sad songs all night
to myself and my walls
it will be alright
and when the morning light comes trailing through the blinds
I’ll repeat to myself,
it will be alright
but then I am thrown into the sea
and I don’t know where I am
or where I’m going
or where I’ve been
I don’t know who I am anymore
I can’t find the shore
I see a ship in the distance
and I’m swimming hard for it
I leave behind all of the things I knew before
I get closer, it moves away
it’s a mirage
and I’m sinking down


on this road to my love
I don’t know how long it’s been
I feel these years turn to stone
the poplar trees point the way
and in the wind I see her face
and these nights are long and cold
I’m ready to reach those blackened gates
I’m ready to end this for you
they say these stars come out at night
but they don’t shine for me
and these thieves are keeping close
the days are getting darker now
and pretty soon snow will settle down
and these silences will remain
I’m ready to reach those blackened gates
I’m ready to end this for you
I’ve been down this road a thousand times before
I just don’t know what I’m searching for anymore
the broken monuments that I keep passing by
reach out to say, goodbye my love, goodbye
approaching near a town of light
the bell tower rings down in the square
am I home or passing through
a crowd of children stand and stare
sending thoughts through the air
as they wonder who I am
I’m ready to reach those gates beyond
I’m ready to end this for you
and I can’t find my way home,
if my home remains
here, now
the only light hangs free inside my heart
the road is calling me to search again
I hear them singing now
I’ll make it through somehow