Art Elliot sings of apocalyptic futures, lost loves, ice ages and Depression-era folk art, among other topics. Born the second son of a carpenter and singer during the height of The Catastrophe™, Elliot took to his iron horse and rode west at the age of 22. He currently dwells deep underground in a bunker near what was once known as Oakland, California.

After experimentation at an institution widely known for its electro-dulcet tones, and following intense study with The Listener, Art was posted at Our Lady of the Fountain where he weeps, intones, and plays the footpipe for deeply strange and often troubling religious rites.

Art has worked with a few of the well-known local troubadours of Sector 6 including Larry of Gallagher, Ye Dirty Snacks Ensemble, Jack O' the Clock, and Eli the Wise.

By day Art performs his professional duties as a Keeper of the Scrolls (MLIS, State University of Sector 6 - South - GO FIGHTIN' BigDogs!)

By night he transmutes genres, transcends time, and just has a generally ok time doing his own thing.

Other than that he really likes badminton (when conditions on the surface aren't bad) and is available for funerals of any type.

Martin McGinn, C.E.O.

disrupting music since, oh, about 1993 or so